Pricing information
when you need it!

Optimal Blue Insight is a real-time market analysis service that lets you benchmark retail pricing against your peers at the local market level.

Our enterprise lending platform connects almost 200 investors with 1,500 financial institutions and processes 1 in every 4 new mortgages.


Actual retail lender pricing

Actual retail lender pricing – not survey responses – from the leading product eligibility and pricing engine in the mortgage industry.


Comprehensive Daily coverage

Daily coverage of over 600 lenders and 280 MSA’s. Rates and prices are segmented to show high, medium and low volume lenders in each market.


Fast Sign Up and Easy to Use

Signing up is fast and easy. Subscribe only to the markets you want to see and pay by the month. Our intuitive website allows you to create, save and change unlimited loan scenarios.


Strategically expand your markets

Analyze daily pricing for all loan types and scenarios to identify profitable new markets and set your lending strategies.

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